Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Department of Biological Sciences

1.    Agri-Biotechnology.
2.    Biosafety and Biosecurity.
3.    Biodiversity of selected model groups of phytoplankton.
4.    Discovery of novel genes for crop and animal genetic improvement.
5.    Unraveling host – parasite interactions.
6.    Bioprospecting for novel microorganisms from the environment.
7.    Microbial genetics and genomics.
8.    Microbial ecology.
9.    Bacterial systematics.
10.  Plant genetic diversity.
11.   Biodiversity of selected model groups of phytoplankton.
12.   Exploration of microalgae for biofuel production.
13.   Potential and risk of mass development of the Cyanobacterium
14.   Climate change and bio-adaptation.
15.   Nutrient deposition and cycling.
16.   Ecophysiology.
17.   Nematology and crop protection.


Department of Physical Sciences


1. Mathematics (pure and applied)
2. Climate science and change
3. Energy, sustainability and new materials
4. Chemistry for life


Department of Mathematics, Computing and Information Technology


1. ICT
2. Applied Mathematics
3. Statistics